Hôtel has been featured in numerous publications over the years including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Elle Decor, Food & Wine, House Beautiful, House & Garden, Southern Living, Town & Country, Victoria, W Magazine and others.


Established by Ginger Kilbane in 1988, Hôtel is known for its stylishly curated collection of vintage European hotel silver. After developing custom reproduction collections for several well-known brands over the years, Hôtel recently launched its own luxe private label collection inspired by favorite silver finds from its trove of treasured pieces.

Ginger fell in love with Europen hotel silver when she was sent to Italy in the early 1960's to cover the fashion collections. Breakfast arrived on a silver tray with starched white linens and an "adorable" silver coffee pot with patina and character and she was hooked. It wasn't until years later after careers in fashion, magazines and interior design that Ginger thought others might adore the European hotel silver as much as she did. With her innate sense of style, Ginger's presentation of her hotel silver collection caught the eye of the press and put collecting vintage European hotel silver on the map in the early 1990's. She turned a passion into a business and the rest is history.

Hilary Allinson, daughter of Ginger and former head of Bergdorf Goodman's decorative home business, is currently cultivating and enhancing Hôtel and its exclusive offerings. With a background in the world of finance and the business of home, Hilary has been able to maintain the high standards that Hôtel is known for while ushering in a new era for the brand. Both Ginger and Hilary's love of great design, travel (where so much inspiration for the collection and its presentation originates), and warm hospitality permeate the ethos of Hôtel.

About Hotel Silver

Hotel silver is distinguished by its functional design, durability and classic clean lines. Crafted by some of the most renowned silversmiths of the day, the pieces were made to withstand the daily service in hotels, restaurants, cafés, private clubs, shipping and railway lines. Sterling silver serve ware would not have held up to the constant use in bustling commercial establishments. A base of nickel and other alloys, including copper, gives the hotel silver its signature heft and luxe silver-plating its timeless elegance. 

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Why We Love Hotel Silver

We love vintage European hotel silver because it’s beautifully made, casually elegant and never fussy. The collected pieces evoke The Grand Tour of traveling overseas in style. The history, character and design of the pieces appeal to travel enthusiasts, architects and designers who adore the clean lines that work in both traditional and contemporary settings, foodies and those who love to entertain. Customers become collectors. Today, we use our collected European hotel silver everyday. An elaborate vintage entrée dome sits on the dining room table as a centerpiece. A stack of bowls, once used to serve consommé at a private London club, are on display on the kitchen counter ready to serve yogurt and berries for breakfast. A collection of assorted vintage pitchers are vessels for cutlery. Clementines piled atop a pedestal cake stand become a colorful focal point on the rustic wooden kitchen table. Former silver finger bowls are on the bar filled with nuts, olives, lemons and limes at cocktail time with a backdrop of favorite cocktail shakers and wine coolers at the ready for a celebration. A jumbo toast rack holds a prominent place on a nearby desk with favorite notecards to be written with pens housed in an appealing jumbo sugar bowl. The uses for hotel silver are endless and add sparkle to any interior.

Hôtel Silver Private Label

Hôtel's newly launched Private Label Collection is inspired by favorite vintage silver finds from our decades of collecting from early morning antique markets throughout Europe. Beautifully handcrafted by skilled artisans in India exclusively for HÔTEL.

European Hotel Silver
(Vintage & New)

A thoughtfully curated collection of vintage European barware and hotel silver from grand hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, stately homes, railway and shipping lines. Authenticity, quality and classic design are the hallmarks of our ever-evolving vintage assortment. We also offer an irresistible assortment of classic European hotel silver handmade by our longtime London silversmiths who supply deluxe restaurants and hotels in London and beyond.