Vintage Crumb Catcher, Savoy Restaurant

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This vintage crumb catcher was made by Elkington Silversmiths for the iconic Savoy Hotel in London. 

It's a treasure from our cache of "perfectly imperfect" vintage European hotel silver that we've been collecting for decades.  It's got all the patina one would expect from almost 100 years of use in the bustling restaurants of this luxury hotel.  It was re-plated in pure silver at one time, but the patina is evident.  It's character and charm (nicks and dimples under the silver plating) are evident of a collectible piece of vintage European hotel silver.

Originally used to catch the crumbs on the table by white-gloved waiters before the next course was served, we use these crumb catchers on a buffet as a serving "spoon"or "lifter." The generous proportions make it easy to lift grilled chicken, meat, fish, roasted vegetables from a platter to a plate for buffets when entertaining.  It could also be used for serving fish, desserts and anything that needs a lift.

Silver plate

12"L x 3"W