Vintage Watering Can, Curved Spout

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This vintage watering can, circa 1910, was used for watering plants and carrying hot water upstairs to bed warmers back in the day. Our longtime London silversmith plated the original handmade brass vessel with pure silver to give it an elegant finish. The interior is in its original condition.

We love the shape of this particular piece - we haven't found one like this before with its stunning strapping design on the sides of the can and curved spout.  It's an appealing, streamlined silhouette.

A vintage watering that's been plated in pure silver is the ultimate gift for the garden lover in one's life.

Keep it out on the kitchen counter, open shelving, butler's pantry or on a bar to enjoy its sculptural beauty.

The vintage offerings in our collection are restored and re-plated in pure silver in London for us by our longtime silversmiths. Even with restoration, some of the pieces may sport more patina than others due to their unique history and use which we think only adds to their character and allure.


9"H  (including the top handle) 18x 5"W x 11"L (spout's edge to side handle's edge)